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Hotel/ Shopping Mall/ Stadium Virtual tour


The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit industries by COVID-19, with most bookings cancelled or delayed for the foreseeable future. But while travel plans might be on hold for now, many people still haven’t stopped dreaming of their next vacation. And they’re actively looking for inspiration for where to go next.

One place hotels can continue to meet their customers is in virtual reality. Hotel virtual tours can bring potential guests to resorts remotely and allow them to view rooms and facilities before booking. Guests can “try before they buy”, without getting overloaded with unnecessary descriptions and information. Hotels can attract more customers and secure more bookings.

A hotel virtual tour should represent facilities accurately, but attractive, and provide a high-quality, immersive experience.

The 360 degree Virtual Tour of your hotel allows you to invite prospective customers to see inside and experience your decor, facilities and rooms. Your Hotel Virtual Tours increase online digital exposure and engagement, driving more customers direct to your website.

Shopping Mall

Just like hotels, shopping Malls across the world have closed their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic. But shopaholics all around the globe can now continue their favourite pastime in virtual reality and taking virtual tours of the malls.

Nowadays malls are trying to keep customers coming in by offering them a 360-degree panorama tour through its mall. Since we've been stuck at home for the past few weeks, I took a tour myself too.

Typically, it lets users ‘walk’, browse and shop without moving a single foot. It all comes down to replicating the experience of physically walking through the shop and seeing products lined up side-by-side, just like their real-life counterparts.

The Internet has had a radical impact on the way we shop, taking us beyond the traditional store and into a world where we choose what we buy by scrolling through images of the products on offer.

“Virtual tour is working to give our customers touch and feel the experience.”

We can describe virtual shopping malls as online 3D shopping malls where users can navigate (virtually) in a shopping mall through 3D technology like in actual life. Users can walk virtually to clothing shops, pharmacy, banks, shoe shops, bookshops among many others. It is quite similar to video games. Thus, it is a new appealing and enjoyable way of shopping, sitting in your room.

Considering the fact that people who have buying power are beginning work earlier and ending later, they hardly have time for shopping as they spend much of the time in front of a computer. For them, a virtual shopping tour seems an affordable and efficient method to escape their routine monotony.

We can affirm that virtual shopping mall has a place in the market and will continue to blossom.


For, stadiums also these virtual tours are getting very famous. Choose the best seat in the house with our 360 virtual tour. Virtual tour of the stadium covers the stadium seating, the pitch, club store and home dressing room. You can pick your best stand for match day and even see the goalkeeper’s view from the goal line.


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