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We provide the following listed services in Photography:

  • Product Explainer Videos :

Explainer Videos provide the buyer a to have a better view as to how does a product function making it easy for the buyer to understand the product well. Expertised team of Video Planners and Editors work with us to improve your experience.

  • Animated Explainer Videos :

Animated Explainer Videos helps you to understand product description through various animations.

  • A+ Content for Website :

A+ Content changes the visibility of your product,making it more vulnerable to grab buyers attention. In A+ Listing the entire details of the product is described with precise description.

  • Jewellery Photography :

Jewelry Photography consists of 2 types of Photography:

  1. Model Photography with Jewelry:

Model Photography is where, jewelry is worn by the model to portray how the jewelry would look on the buyer. Here the customer/buyer can have a complete look on how the product can be worn and what are the features in the product and how it would look on the customer/buyer. Makes it easy for the user to understand the product by just looking at the pictures of the model who would be wearing the jewelry. Different angles are taken as pictures so as to make it very pleasing to the heart and mind to not think twice regarding doubts of the product being displayed. Complete details are covered in this shoot, allowing the buyer to not dodge over the product they like.

  1. Table top Jewelry photography:

Table top photography is done by placing the jewelry on the top of a table and getting pictures in different angles. So as to make the buyer understand the product well; by having a complete view of the product by looking at all the angle pictures. Jewelry display on table top gives a complete look as to how the product would look . Different angles provide a overall look to the buyer who is keen on buying the product , making it simple for them to jump to a conclusion regarding the product they want to buy.

  • Creative Photography :

Creative Photography makes the Product look more sleek and outstanding.

  • Model Photography:

Model Photography consists of models showcasing the product by using it themselves.Models display the Product by trying out on themselves.This makes the customer or buyer have a exact view of how the product would look on them. Making it simple for them to understand the product. By this method the customer is pleased as the product provides them with all the details.

  • Product Photography :

Product Photography is bascially Photoshoot of product from different angles.Product Photography is carried out in a smart way so as to make the product look sleek in the appearance without any changes in the actual design of the product. Product Photo-shoot is done making it sure that the entire product detail along with the features of the product is highlighted in a way that by just looking at the pictures the product can be understood. In product photography we provide different angles by which it is easy for the buyer to view the product and clear his or her doubts regarding the product. Different angles provide a complete view of each feature. Angles help you to understand the design of the product as well, making it easy for comparison on the bases of your need.

  • Catalog/ Print Photography:

Catalogue Printing is done by us on the bases of need of the client. Catalogue makes the Product more descriptive as it give the viewer all the details he or she is looking into

  • Social Media Management :

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Websites and applications dedicated to forums, microblogging, social networking , social bookmarking, social curation, and wikis are among the different types of social media.

  • Ads on Amazon & Flipkart:

Sponsored Products uses targeted ads to give you more control over product merchandising on Amazon, Flipkart etc by boosting the visibility of your products when shoppers search for keywords you bid on. You pay a fee for this service only when an Amazon shopper clicks your ad to go to the detail page where your offer is listed.

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