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Creative Product Photography


Best Creative Advertising Photographers in Mumbai

ZoomMantra consists of a team of young and professional advertising photographers in Mumbai. When we decide to sell something online, those products cannot be touched or felt by the customers, thus the concept of advertising photography becomes extremely important. ZoomMantra and its team of advertising photographers in Mumbai, make product explainer videos and click product usage photos, to sell your product on a digital platform.

In addition to having a team of advertising photographers in Mumbai, ZoomMantra also has a digital marketing team, which will help in enhancing the marketing of the product on a digital and viral front. They will manage your website and your blog pages for you.

ZoomMatra’s team of professionals realize that in today’s world of cut throat competition it is very important to incorporate creative product photography for your products. The high quality and creativity of your photographs will give your product an edge in a very competitive market.

Creative Product Photography in Mumbai

ZoomMantra’s professionals will make sure that the creative product photography done for your products are in accordance to the set rules of various platforms and online blogs, and can also be used for catalogues, hoardings, standees, ecommerce, social media etc. 

Here at ZoomMantra, creative product photography is done with various props, which are relevant to the product. Many lifestyle photo-shoots are done outdoors at various locations, such as; beaches, montages, streets, parks, lifestyle houses etc. These images are taken with Canon 5D mark IV, which is a full frame camera and image is of 300DPI and editing is also done on the raw Image itself.  

What sets ZoomMantra apart from the other production houses:

  • Showcasing actual usage of the product

  • Project lifestyle appeal

Advertising Photographer

Since the buyer cannot feel or touch your product, the quality of your creative product photography will be the deciding factor for the sail of your product. We at Zoommantra understand that most of the sails that happen today happen online on platforms such as Amazon, ebay etc and thus we consider ourselves to be be Advertising photographers, who are proficient at creating the product, as well as selling it.


Zoommantra also proposes to help our clients with their A+ page content on Amazon, thus we can do Amazon productphotography for your page. 

Introduction of Creative Product Photography

Creative product photography is a type of photography that places the focus on the product rather than the surroundings or the user. It is frequently used in product catalogs, print and online advertising, and promotional materials. To produce dramatic effects, product photography frequently employs specialized methods like forced perspective and macro photography.

Product photography encompasses more than just taking pictures of products. The objectives are to make the products look their best and present them in the best way possible. This necessitates using the proper lighting, composition, and background in order to make the product stand out. It's also necessary to understand post-production photo editing techniques.

There are many different types of product photography, such as food, fashion, and electronics. Regardless of the product, you are photographing, there are some fundamental concepts that will help you take better pictures.

Basics of Creative Product Photography

Before you begin photographing products, learn the basics of photography. Exposure, lighting, and composition are covered in this. Once you are familiar with these fundamentals, you will be able to take better product pictures.


Composition is the term used to describe how the elements are arranged in a photograph. This includes things like where the product is placed in the scene and how the shot is framed. Although there are many different ways to arrange an image, following a few simple rules will help you take better product photos.

The Rule of Thirds is a good place to start. Consider your photo to be divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically in accordance with this rule. Place the item on one of the lines or intersections. As a result, the image will be more appealing and well-rounded.

One important aspect of composition is the background. The ideal background is one that is simple and uncluttered. As a result, the object will stand out and become the picture's subject.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of product photography. The lighting can have a significant impact on the quality of your photographs.

There are many different ways to light a product. Using a portable tent is one typical method. You place the item inside a compact tent known as a light tent. The tent softens and beautifies the light by diffusing it.


Exposure refers to the amount of light that reaches the sensor (or film) in your camera. If your photos are properly exposed, they will look clear and bright. If your photos are not properly exposed, they might appear murky and dark.

Three variables—shutter speed, aperture, and ISO—control exposure.

The shutter speed is the amount of time the shutter is open. With a slower shutter speed, more light will enter the frame, but this can also cause motion blur. Although a faster shutter speed will let in less light, it can stop moving objects.

The aperture of a lens refers to its opening size. A larger aperture (smaller number) will allow more light to enter the camera, but it may also cause a shallow depth of field. The image will only be sharp in a small area, according to this. A smaller aperture (larger number) will allow less light to enter the camera, but it may produce a sharp depth of field. More of the image will be sharp as a result.

ISO measures the sensitivity of the sensor (or film). While a higher ISO will make the sensor more sensitive to light, it can also make the image noisier. Noise is the term for the tiny, erratic specks that occasionally show up in photographs.

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