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Amazon A+ content

An Amazon A+ Content Page or an A+ listing is a new feature Amazon has started. The advantage of using an Amazon A+ content listing, is that a new section gets added on to your Amazon A+ content page, which is called "From the Manufacturer". Here at ZoomMantra,in Mumbai, we customize this section as per the guidelines shared by Amazon A+ content management. 


The advantages of signing up for an Amazon A+ content program is that it promises to enhance your product detail page with visuals and enhance the marketing content to overcome purchase hesitations and drive brand affinity.

The Amazon A+ content page consists of 6 templates, via which ZoomMantra will upload multiple images in the section. These images have to be of the major features of the product on your Amazon A+ content page. In Mumbai, ZoomMantra will also write your Amazon A+ content along with the images, this will help the customer to understand the features of the product better.

Enhanced brand content is called as Amazon A+ content. With Amazon A+ content, ZoomMantra is able to include various other features on your Amazon content page, as a part of our Amazon content services, such as; comparisons charts, videos, detailed descriptions, specific featured based images. ZoomMantra makes sure that the desired purpose of Amazon A+ content, which is to showcase your brand effectively, is met. ZoomMantra will create product videos for your Amazon A+ content page, and they play a vital role in explaining product features and converting eyeballs into sales. 

A+ content Amazon

In Mumbai, ZoomMantra team of digital marketing personel found out that when a customer is looking for Amazon A+ content information, they also tend to reverse the keywords and search for “A+ content Amazon”. “A+ content Amazon“essentially means the same thing as “Amazon A+ content” does, and you are bound to get similar information when you search both the keywords.

Amazon A content

“Amazon A content” is another keyword which is hugely searched, when a customer is looking for information on “Amazon A+ Content”. While using “A+ contents Amazon” you just end up switching the words around, all the while still retaining the meaning, “Amazon A content”is different. “Amazon A content”does not exist, if you search for “Amazon A content”in your search engine, it will re route you to Amazon A+ content information.


Searching for “A+ content Amazon”and “Amazon A content” will give you similar information as searching for “Amazon A+ content” would, but not the exact same information, hence it is important to use the right keywords while searching for a product or service.

Advantages of having an Amazon A+ content page:


-   Stylized text to highlight & attract customer attention

-   Custom paragraph headers

-   Unique image & text layouts

-   Click-to-enlarge images

-   Feature comparison chart

-   Bullet lists to hit key attributes

-   Improve organic SEO with Amazon content marketing

-   Retain customer interest with Amazon content services. 

-   Distinguish between basic and premium product lines. 

-   Educate shoppers about model variations and features.

-   Drive brand awareness. 

-   Boost customer conversion. 

-   Increased sales

Features of Amazon A+ cataloging:

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