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Web Series Videos

Web Series Videos in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is a web series production house in Mumbai, and in addition to that we also make various other kinds of videos. Recently the Internet has become available for everyone, and this has stated a new trend of content made just for the web, and thus web series videos came into being. Making web series videos in Mumbai is highly lucrative now, since a lot of businesses and sponsors want to invest in it now.


Earlier content would be made for YouTube, but now even Amazon Prime and Netflix have come to India; with an international market and audience, the web series market in on an all time high.


When the web series videos are planned in a format of a collection of short films with an over arching theme, then they are called web series films


Web series videos and even web series films are open to new idea and content, and at the same time not as cost draining as feature films are, thus now everyone with an innovative mind and creative ideas can make web series videos.

Now since everyone with an innovative mind can make a web series, you would be wondering why you would want to collaborate with a web series production house in Mumbai? That is because we have all the means to a web series video, and are even open to new ideas and scripts.


ZoomMantra has a highly experienced team of creative and technical minds, as well as an in house studio space for shooting your web series videos. We believe in end to end service; this means that we help you with the conceptualization of the series, to shooting it and then finally our team of digital marketers will even help promote and advertise your web series videos on various digital platforms, to make sure your web series videos get the maximum number of views. 

Web series Production House in Mumbai

There are various challenges involved in making a web series:

  • It requires a very well written script.

  • It requires actors with good acting skills.

  • It requires good lighting setups for achieving the desired environment.

  • It requires huge number of crew members with different roles divided amongst them.

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