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Promo Video Makers in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is a promo video production house in Mumbai, and in addition to that we also make various other kinds of videos. We as promo video makers, make these campaign or promo videos to advertise or promote a product or a service. These campaign videos are generally made for the digital platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc

When we plan campaign or promo videos, more often than not they are in a format of a collection of short films with an over arching theme, thus forming a series of promo videos.

Promo Video Production House in Mumbai

ZoomMantra being a promo video production house in Mumbai, has big team of creative and technical minds, as there are multiple department’ s that works together to produce such videos. 


Campaign videos are made to inform the customer about the product and its specifications. These promo videos help in showcasing and spreading information to the audience or the buyer.


We have an in house studio space for shooting promo videos. As promo video makers, we at ZoomMantra believe in end to end service; this means that we help you with the conceptualization of the campaign videos, to shooting it and then finally our team of digital marketers will even help promote and advertise your promo or campaign videos on various digital platforms, to make sure your promo videos get the maximum number of views. 

There are various advantages of making a campaign or promo video:


  • It gives the information about your product to the customer.

  • Customer gets aware about the new products available in the market.

  • Its helps to build a good and healthy relationship between seller and the buyer.

  • Campaign videos are used to showcase on the digital platform and online sites, like Amazon and Snapdeal.

There are various challenges that arise while making a campaign or a promo video:


  • It requires a good writing skills to make an innovate script.

  • It requires the shooting to be done in a controlled environment.