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Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography in Mumbai

Jewellery photography in Mumbai is becoming a buzz word now days as there are very few studios focusing on it. Here at ZoomMantra, we have a compete setup to produce good results for our jewellery photography photo-shoots, such as; jewelry tent, jewelry stand, top LED lights, 100m micro lens etc. High end equipment will enable us to capture all the minute details of the jewelry.

Whether we are shooting a ring or a wristwatch, they all have their own unique photographic challenges. Jewellery is usually small, thus the photographer needs to make sure that the photo is well composed and shot with perfect focus. Jewellery photography is a challenging task, as most of the products are usually shiny, thus requiring attention to detail while lighting up the frame. A jewellery photography project essentially requires a good clear image showcasing the details of the jewelry.

This type of photography is used mainly for ecommerce, for various online products selling sites and platforms like Amazon, Flipkart ets. When we talk about jewellery photography, it’s all about details; for any professional, consistent and reputable site, showcasing details of the product is very essential. Thus ZoomMantra photographers shoot in a controlled environment, making sure that the product images are sharp and clear. Photographs are then edited with the intention of refining and enriching the crispness and clarity of the product. 

At ZoomMantra, the intention of doing jewelley photography is that the customer gets to understand what the product will actually look like, looking at the photos it should be like the customer is examining the product from all the angles and is turning the jewellery in their hands. The intention is to make it easy for the customer to decide which product they want to buy.

Jewellery Photography Mumbai

Everyone likes to personalise their house or place of business. The same is true of jewellery; it adds beauty, value, and sentiment to a space. The majority of towns and cities have a unique jewellery style that sets them apart from other places. The most well-known types of jewellery come from London and New York. The capital of India, Mumbai, has a unique style for jewellery photography.

Most people think of gold when they think of jewellery. In Mumbai, however, silver, diamond, ruby, and sapphire jewellery are popular choices. The three accessories that Mumbaikars wear the most are necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Gold or silver jewellery is frequently bought as a gift for someone else. The object is then photographed and made publicly available online. The item's appeal and iconic status are increased as a result. Many people also buy photo props to set the scene and heighten the drama of their photos.

Advantages of doing a Jewellery Photoshoot:

  • The product image captured is clear and sharp.

  • It shows the details of the product; focusing on the intricate structure and pattern.

  • It instigates and helps people to buy the products online.

ZoomMantra is a video production house in Mumbai that specializes in in ecommerce jewellery photography; we are group of photographers who are passionate, in with the times and excellent at what we do. We have a complete studio facility with all necessary equipment’s at our Andheri, Mumbai studio. We also we have studios in Pune, Surat, Nagpur and New Delhi. ZoomMantra also conducts workshops on jewelry photography in Mumbai.

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