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Videos are the Future of conversion for sales in India. As India is a developing nation, new technologies will grow up faster and faster. So, in order to promote once's product for sales in coming years video would be one of the most important factor. Those brands who don't know and is ignoring the important of videos for sales will definitely face problem to be in the market. As we say "Prevention is better than cure" brand will have to make sure that the continue to be in the market and competitors do not overtake them.

There has been a lot of change in technology since the new age and the growth is going successful from there. By 2017, India has more than 350 million smartphones. Inexpensive smartphones and the rollout of 3G and 4G broadband infrastructure are rapidly coming together to leapfrog traditional distribution and democratise online access. Together, these factors are the foundations for accelerated digital media consumption. These trends stem from our analysis of hundreds of hours of dialogue with media executives and thought leaders, combined with many more hours of work helping our clients think through strategies and operating models for these pressing issues. The average consumer’s growing affinity to digital platforms is forcing the industry to rethink older paradigms of entertainment consumption and revenue generation.

The new millennium, which brought with it the promise of globalisation, also saw the advent of swanky multiplexes and malls that completely changed entertainment for many Indians. With satellite TV and internet, we got to know the world around us a little better and a whole generation of young Indians became familiar with western music, cinema, and pop culture, while the MTVs and Channel Vs gave rise to new-age youth icons. His focus of entertainment providers, as a result of this digital boom, has also shifted from the urban, English-speaking India to the multilingual and extremely diverse Bharat, a term often used to describe the massive semi-urban and rural populace of the country.


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