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Product  Photography

Product Photography in Mumbai

The ZommMantra team is known for its photography skills, especially product photography in Mumbai. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is very important to enhance your work so that it stands out. ZoomMantra does that by incorporating creative product photography. 

Lots of heavy equipment, lighting and space are required for product photography and Mumbai studios are generally cramped, but not ZoomMantra. Here we have our own space, with high-end equipment and top-of-the-line lighting, as well as a stellar team who will do your product photography.

ZoomMantra is not only known for its product photography, we also have a print and hoarding photography studio in Mumbai and this is what makes us different from other production houses. There are very limited production houses that have the space and management to handle print and hoarding photography shoots.

Also, the client has the advantage of not having to deal with various production houses and agencies and can get all their work done under one roof.


ZoomMantra Productions should be considered if you're looking for product photography services in Mumbai. We specialise in product photography in Mumbai and provide a variety of services, such as on-location shoots, studio sessions, and post-production editing. Their team of talented photographers will use stunning photography to showcase your products, making you stand out from the competition. They are also a great option because of their reasonable costs and friendly customer service.

Type of Product Photography in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there are many choices for product photography. You might consider hiring a professional photographer, renting a studio, or even taking the photos yourself, depending on your needs. Professional photographers have the skills and knowledge to produce stunning, expert product images. They provide a variety of services, including editing and retouching. There is equipment for product photography and background space in studio spaces, which are available for purchase or rental. Another choice is to take the photos yourself using a digital camera, lights, and backdrops. Whichever option you go with, marketing your product with product photography is essential and can greatly expand your business.

Product Photography Techniques

You can employ a variety of product photography techniques, depending on the type of product you are photographing. Shallow depth of field usage is an excellent technique. This can be done by using a wider aperture to reduce the amount of the image that appears in focus (lower f-number). You can also use a tripod to keep the camera steady and ensure that your pictures are clear. Additionally, experiment with different lighting setups to draw attention to your product's strongest points. Combine artificial and natural light sources to create striking shadows that will catch people's attention and highlight your product. Finally, use a quality background to make your product stand out.

How to Capture The Perfect Shot For Your Product?

To take the perfect photo of your product, you must first find the ideal background, angle, and light. Choose a location with a lot of windows and a plain background to start. Avoid direct sunlight since it can cast harsh shadows and bright spots. Then, while keeping the camera at or just above eye level, choose the ideal product angle. The best view can be found by experimenting with various vantage points and elevations. Use a tripod to ensure a steady, blur-free shot. Consider using props to highlight your small product as a final thought. With some practice, you can take the perfect picture of your product.

Amazon Product Photography

Since the buyer cannot touch or feel your product, the quality of your product photography will be the deciding factor for the sail of your product. We at ZoomMantra understand that most of the sails that happen today happen online on platforms such as Amazon, ebay etc.

ZoomMantra also proposes to help our clients with their A+ page content on Amazon and also do Amazon product photography for your page. Amazon has very strict rules about the quality of images that are approved on their site, thus the Amazon Product Photography done by ZoomMantra is in accordance to those guidelines.

The Amazon product photography done by us can also be used for catalogues, hoarding, standees, ecommerce, social media sites etc. Creative Amazon product photographyis also done with various props, which are relevant to the product and will again help enhance the product appeal.


Doing a lifestyle photoshoot outdoors can enhance your Amazon product photography. We shoot at various locations, such as; beaches, montages, streets, parks, lifestyle houses etc. These images are taken with Canon 5D mark IV which is a full frame camera and image is of 300DPI, the editing is also done on the raw image itself.

Why you should work with ZoomMantra:

  • We will make sure that your product stands out amongst competition.

  • Showcase the actual usage of the product

  • Project lifestyle appeal 

  • Create temptation appeal for your product

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