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Importance of Script Writing

• What is Script Writing?

The scriptwriter’s role in the film industry is to create the script for film, television, and radio. The script is one of the most important agents in the film industry. A script consists of dialogue, the imagery on screen, shots and much more. These can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. The script should include as much detail as possible about most aspects of the scene.

• Why is it Important?

Without the script, it would be extremely difficult to complete further tasks later on such as the storyboard and the shot list.

The script helps to give you a rough idea of the length of the film. If there is no film, the script cannot go ahead.

• Formatting Your Script

Formatting a script is not an exact science, however, there is a typical industry layout in which you could follow. This layout will make your work look more professional and will help you gain a rough idea about how long your film will be. The standard industry format usually equates to a page per minute.

• The significance of Script Writing

One of the first steps for creating a video project is script writing. A script is necessary whether a video project is a feature-length motion picture, a short training video or even an account of a family vacation. A script is a document that describes the video, which includes descriptions of the various shots and any dialogue/voice overs.

• Conclusion

A script also serves as a planning device for the video. It describes the stock footage that is used, which locations where certain scenes will be shot, what occurs in each shot, and what is included in each shot. Will, there be a voice-over narrating the video or will there be an onscreen actor doing the narration? Will there be action going on in each of the shots? Is the video narrative, i.e. telling a coherent story from beginning to end, or is it descriptive, with each shot describing something that the maker of the video wishes to explain? The relationship of a script to the video is like that of blueprints to a building.

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