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Film Studios In Mumbai

What is the Work of a Film Studio?

A film studio is a company which is well recognized for its production of movies. It has all the facilities for producing a film. Most of the production companies organize their film works in a Film Studio.The studios are mainly dependent on the production companies which are in turn responsible for the minute details of all the creativity and physical details of the films.

Process followed by Film Studio:

Development: The process starts by selecting the script. It starts with a director, writer so that the story can be produced to the producer.

Pre-production: The options of the production are narrowed down in this process. All the planning which takes place before the camera rolls is called the preproduction. It involves discussion on how the shoot will be followed. A Line Manager is hired so that he can see all the budget and production of the film.

Pre-production: In this phase the planning of how the shoot will be organized according to the schedule is organized. All the parties are involved in this process that is the distributors, production companies, location, set, office.

Principal photography: This is the most crucial and important time and it is the time when exactly the camera rolls. A smooth working should be made in progress between the actors, the people of the shoot and the production. This is the costliest phase.

Other features are Wrap, Post-production and Distribution.

Who are there in the team?

The team involves technical staff and also theatrical producer, designers and theatre direction.

Facilities provided by ZoomMantra

Well, if you are looking for a film studio in Mumbai then you should sure opt for Zoommantra, Andheri-based production house, who have proved them competent in all kinds of videography and e commerce photography shoot and currently working with companies like Amazon. If these reasons are not enough then here are some more reasons, have a look at them:

  • Creativity can be seen at its highest by a team of directors

  • Promotion through network is their foremost motto

  • Self-Owned Large Studio with props and latest high end Camera

  • Unique style of shared shoot model and video edit is much cost effective

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