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“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.”

Make a game plan for your music videos

Before you can start shooting, you have to make sure every little detail is in place. From locations to budget to crew availability. First choose your best, strongest song, as in the song your friends and fans like the most. Avoid locking yourself into your favorite song. You may be an artist, but even some of Van Gogh’s personal favorites are paintings nobody has ever seen or heard of.

Make Storyboard

Next, make a storyboard to help you keep track of your thoughts and give the video a direction. Draw out the scenes and imagine what you want them to look like, just let your creativity run wild at this point.

Set Mood of your Music Video

Also, know what mood you are trying to set in the video. Is it set indoors or outdoors? Is it set at night or sunset? Sunset is typically the hardest time to film because of the time crunch. You can use sunrise for sunset also, but getting your friends up before the rooster to set up the shoot can sometimes be a nightmare.

Get Plenty of Footage

If you don’t want to spend hours figuring out what to do with all the left-out gaps, make sure you shoot as much footage as you can. Shoot close-ups or medium-distance shots with whatever creativity you can prop in. The truth is, audiences now have a much shorter attention span than they used to, and you need to have a lot of good shots to keep them engaged and interested.

Filming your music videos

Few simple tips here, though. Make sure you and your band (if you have one) know the song you are going to use inside and out, frontwards and backward. The video is going to be a lip-sync performance. You won’t need microphones unless you want to use them as props. You will want to have a speaker playing the song for you to make syncing easier — anything will do, even a portable Bluetooth speaker for cheap. Don’t worry about any outside noise or people talking in the background. All of the sounds will be taken out in post-production anyway. Shoot several different angles and create a few crazy shot


Although overlooked by many novices, the editing stage is perhaps more important than the film itself. This is where you will bring everything together with special effects and overlays. Without doing this right, your music video will look like an amateur production that could brand you as a musician that is not serious. Therefore, you must have a person on your team that understands the right way to use editing software. Ideally, this person should be professionally trained in video production and editing.


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