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Creative Product Photography

“… 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.”

We often judge the perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your brand based on the quality of your visual presentation. That means having high-quality, beautiful product photography can go a long way.

Some tips which helps in creating a creative product photography:


So what camera do you need? We would suggest to just start out with whatever you have handy and see what the results are. It’s a common myth that it’s the camera that takes the pictures. In reality, the camera is only one piece of the whole. We make a photograph up of a series of choices that includes: lighting, exposure, styling, and post-processing in creative product photography.

Use proper lighting

Without proper light, neither your product nor your background is going to appear how it does to you in person. “A white background without light doesn’t appear white in the photo, it appears grey,”

There are two options for product photography lighting: studio lighting and natural lighting.

If you’re photographing inside, you will want to set up your product facing a window so that you are gaining all the natural light that comes through. If you can photograph your products outside, do it! The best times to do creative product photography are early morning and late afternoon when the sun is out but is not too harsh.

Use a tripod

Tripods are essential stands that stabilize your camera from your shaky hand. Using a tripod will ensure a reduction of the blur which is critical if you want your product photographs to look professional and high-quality. And they are not necessarily expensive or difficult to use!

Shoot for the edit

When shooting your product photographs, try to shoot for the edit. With this mindset, you’ll shoot knowing that you plan to do minimal editing that will simply enhance the photograph without completely changing it. This will make for a far more desirable result.

Take a basic photo editing class

The trouble with editing is that there are so many things that you can do that it becomes quite overwhelming if you are attempting to do it on your own with no formal training.

If you’re not open to shelling out the big bucks for a photo editing course, don’t worry! Simply head to YouTube. There are plenty of free tutorials that will teach you the basics of the editing software of your choosing.

Take inspiration from brands you love

It is always helpful to look to others for inspiration. You likely already have some brands in mind that you love. Take a look at their product photography and ask yourself how a similar shot or technique could work for your products.

Use simple props

With product photography props, do not get overly ambitious! Remember, the primary focus of each product photograph should be the product. With that said, props can be welcome and help brighten the photograph for your viewers.

Take multiple shots from varying angles

Taking multiple shots from a variety of angles will show your customers exactly what your product looks like. Plus, it will help give you options when it is time to edit, and you won’t be left thinking, “Should we re-do this one completely?”

So these are few tips which will help you in creating good product shoots.

Have a look at Creative Product Photography done by us:


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