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India is a country where celebrities, sportsperson, politicians and other influential people have major stake in society, their larger than life image inspire people to do or achieve something big. Cinema is the best way to emphasise and glorifies those characters from the real life. If you want to be a filmmaker, so before Googling top 10 film schools in Mumbai; let’s discuss the nature of biopics in Indian Cinema.

In 1.3 billion Indians, most of people fall in average earning middle class and they are also the biggest consumer of entertainment industry. The inspiring life of celebrities (related to all successful people, who gained larger than life image) make middle class people motivated and provide certain amount of dopamine towards the big dreams and help them to take risk beyond their fears of losing anything.

The achievement of someone who was also a middle class or lower class or whatever in his/her earlier life, make other people to relate with him/her and follow those ‘road has not taken’ path and achieve great, be a big.

Here, I am going to mention a few recent years released most entertaining/controversial/ inspiring /well-made biopics from Indian cinema.

1. The Legends of Bhagat Singh.

2. Marry Kom.

3. Bhag Milkha Bhag.

4. MS Dhoni.

5. Yatra (Based on YSR’s life)

6. Ambedkar.

7. PM Narendra Modi.

8. NTR.

9. Sanju.

Let’s a brief discuss about them:

1. The Legends of Bhagat Singh:

Film directed by the most intelligent filmmaker Mr. Rajkumar Santoshi, for me he is a perfect example of Auteur in Indian Cinema, while watching this political-independence struggle drama thing clearly visuals that how much he has command in every departments of film. Well written by Anjum Rajabali, Piyush Mishra and Rajkumar Santoshi himself. It’s a big commercial and critically acclaimed movie. The music of the film was done by AR Rehman which helps the story to deliver the emotional touch. Actors Ajay Devgn, Sushant Singh Rajput and other supporting roles are awesome in the film.

2. Marry Kom:

Film directed by Omung Kumar previously an Action director that’s why all action and fighting parts are designed in slow-mo and a few high fast pitch to create the pleasure and feeling of getting hurt and winning the ring. Saiwyn Quadra had written the screenplay through the Marry Kom’s vision. It’s very clear a biopic, where there is nothing left on the audience perception. Priyanka Chopara has really put her soul for the title role.

3. Bhag Milkha Bhag:

Film directed by Rakesh Om Prakash Mehara, a film more than just a biopic, it starts with a race and ends at the race. A typical Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra style film start with in present, then in flashback, then runs in the present time line and then flashback and completes it’s a circle. It’s a great example of modern time writing and direction for a biopic film. Music given by Shankar Ehsaan Loy gives the emotional touch to the story.

Actor Farhan Akhtar had prepared himself physically and emotionally and nailed the role of Flying Sikha Milka Singh.

We will continue other movie review on the list in second part of our blog.

It is a responsibility of filmmakers to provide such adductive content to his/her audience and keep entertaining them. It is an art to write such entertaining stories. Many film schools charge lakhs of rupees to provide these knowledge, in ZoomMantra Insititute of Filmmaking we give you a crash course of 45 days and provide all the basic knowledge related to the filmmaking’s different departments, and we will assure you within 45 days we’ll provide you an assistance to make your own film. For more details, enquire now: +91-8591273045


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