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Amazon A+ Content:

Amazon A+ Content is like turbocharging your existing Amazon page by adding modules that go beyond what a normal page has. It’s a way of enhancing content to make it both more engaging for users and to reflect your brand in a deeper way, both of which can lead to higher sales. If you’re wondering how to create Amazon A+ content, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve been on Amazon for a while, you might know A+ Content as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content if you’re a seller, or Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content if you’re a vendor. While the name has now been streamlined to read Amazon A+ Content for sellers and vendors alike, the idea behind it remains the same.

What are the benefits of Enhanced Brand Content?

According to Amazon, A+ Content has the potential to increase your sales by 3-10%. More specifically, adding more visuals and copy to your product listing can result in:

  • Higher conversion rates: For your Amazon business, conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to understand – in the end, there is no point to potential customers clicking on your product listing but not actually buying the product. We have devised a Brand Analytics Hack that helps you determine which competitors have the best conversion rates and why – and EBC/Amazon A+Content could be a deciding factor. The additional images and texts help customers better understand and visualize how your product solves their needs (and wants) and can thereby inspire the final click on the ‘Buy’ button. Learn from the competition to overtake them in the long run.

  • Reduced return rate: a deeper understanding of your product and its benefits ensures that customers can make a better purchase decision and don’t feel the need to return your item afterward

  • Better reviews: following the logic above, more information and better purchase decisions lead to happier customers leaving raving reviews

  • Reduced ACoS (advertising cost of sales) and increase ROI of PPC campaigns: getting people to click on your PPC campaign is one thing, inspiring them to buy the product another.Convincing and appealing A+ Content helps with the latter, thereby reducing the costs of each advertised sale to increase your overall ROI

So there’s some pretty significant potential in Amazon A+ Content

How do design A+ Content that converts?

The central objective of adding Enhanced Content to your Amazon product listing is increasing conversions. Simply adding a few images and sentences won’t do the job – your content should be flowing, convincing, and appealing. Here are a few tips and tricks to develop design best practices:

  • Make it feel like a landing page. The best way to understand your A+ Content is to view it as a landing page. You are convincing your customer that your product is exactly what they are looking for and want to inspire them to take one action – hit the ‘Buy’ button.

  • Plan your content like a journey. What should customers see first? And then? How can you end on a positive and exciting note? It is also important to ensure that the copy corresponds with your images to create a good flow

  • Focus on what’s important. Simply putting random photos and text that might look nice but doesn’t provide additional value won’t help you reach the desired outcome. Each section of your EBC should focus on a specific point you want to bring across – most likely how the features of your product create a specific benefit to the customers. Clear and concise content that is easy to read and digest should be the focus of your A+ section.

  • Stay in your brand guidelines. Branding on Amazon is already very limited – A+ Content is where you can let it all out. Make sure to match your fonts and colors with your brand to create brand recognition.

Have a look at our AMAZON A+ PLUS Content:


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