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Jewelry Photographers In Mumbai

Jewellery Photography

Jewelry embodies the beauty of a woman. Indian women are very much particular about their looks and when it comes to traditional look it cannot go without jewelry. Be it a party, or a special occasion for you it will always be incomplete without jewellery. In order to meet this requirement, there are so many jewelry brands in the market and in order to make their mark among the customers they need to have the best photographs of their pieces of jewellery for their brand promotion.

What exactly is Jewellery Photography?

Jewellery photography is a tricky thing, however it is very interesting. There are many reasons why people want to photograph their jewellery.

Some reasons are:

If you want to run a business and you need to display the jewellery for the website.

Some want to do it only for having some experiment and also to immortalize the precious jewellery.

Some factors which provide the best photography are:


Lighting is very important in jewellery photography. The delicacies of the jewelry can be overpowered by the hard, dark shadows produced by the flash of the camera. Highlighting the jewelry with soft light is very necessary to give a drastic look to the jewelry. It will also attract people’s attention. A light tent can also be used.

Setting up the Camera

For jewelry photography, a tripod is the most important thing. Shooting can be done for a closure. It should be kept in mind that the camera is not blurred otherwise it will ruin the photography. If you are making photography of a gold watch the focus should be on the gold or diamond that’s on the watch. So, the focus is a very important part of jewellery photography.


Aperture is also a very important part. A small aperture is needed if the jewelry needs to be in completely focused. If only a part of the jewellery wants to be displayed then a wider aperture can be used making the background blurred.

Exposure Time is also very important. So a manual mode is preferable and it will produce the perfect photography with the colored background with light.

Post Processing:

Absolute perfection is needed for jewellery photography. So after the photo shoot is completed any software package like Photoshop can be used so that the cropping of the image is done. Sometimes the straight effect can’t be formed from the camera.

What techniques are followed by professional photographers?

Professional photographers use lots of interesting stuff in order to produce the perfect photography. The jewelry can be put in a reflective surface which can be black or white so that refection is highlighted underneath the jewelry. Professional jewellery photographers follow this technique.

Which is the leading production house in Mumbai?

ZoomMantra is one of the leading production houses, providing you with the best jewellery photographs in Mumbai. It is well known for e-commerce product photography and has a team of creative and professional photographers who always desire to produce the best services.

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