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What is this Amazon A+ Content?

What is Amazon A+ Content ?

Amazon A+ content is a programme that enhances the page of your product details with enhanced content for marketing and visuals. This helps to overcome hesitations related to the purchase and also drives affinity towards the brand. Amazon Brand Content Mumbai pulls together high quality images, descriptions of products, narrative copies and charts that help the customers to take firm decisions of buying. According to Amazon, A+ content can help the sales to increase on an average by three percent to ten percent.

How is it done?

To create a plus content Amazon Mumbai few steps are to be followed:

  • Select the ‘A details pages’ after logging into ‘Vendor Central’ and hovering over the ‘Merchandising’ menu.

  • Select your preferred A+ detail of your page package. Here you will be given two options; one is the self service module and the other is Amazon builds for you module.

  • If you choose the self service module then you will have to go through several steps to complete your page.

  • If go for the Amazon builds module for you then you will have to supply Amazon the necessary photos and content and Amazon will build the page for you. Here, the price of per page is naturally more expensive than that of self service module.

Why Amazon A+?

Amazon A+ content generally boosts up the sale of one particular product through its visual and high quality representation of images of that particular product. A vendor, who is willing to increase his sales, should try the Amazon A+ content as it is likely to bring up positive results. A+ content mainly helps a purchaser to buy a particular product without hesitation.

How does it benefit your brand?

A+ content has several benefits to the brand it is promoting. The content definitely makes the purchaser’s of a particular brand grow an affinity towards the brand. Moreover, the brand page having the A+ content is likely to receive more visitors than a normally created content page. Due to its high quality images and videos, the A+ content page helps a brand to grow more in a customer’s eyes.

Why you should consider ZoomMantra?

If you are a vendor who is thinking of creating Amazon a plus content Mumbai then you can take the help of ZoomMantra. This company specialises in e-commerce photography and videography services and will help you create rich content for your A+ content page.

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