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Demo Videos? Think ZoomMantra!

What are Demo Videos?

Demo video explains how something works. They are quite unique and different from other videos.

What are the rules of certain product demo video production?

  • Every customer is unique so every demo should be matched according to the customer. So, customizing of demo is very important

  • The customer’s story should be told

  • Rehearsing should be done in a continuous process

  • Everything should be tested beforehand

  • The deal should be closed after the demo

Product Video:

A product Video is an explainer video that shares the benefits of a product. The product video’s main aim should to relieve the pain which the clients are encountering and after that they should concentrate on the working of the product.

8 rules of product demo video production:

  • To know who are the target audience

  • The full story should be told

  • The Natural Language and Tone should be used

  • Selling of Power Words

  • The scanning should be made easy

  • Search Engines should be optimized

  • Good Images should be used so that it can attract consumer’s attraction

Meaning of Sales Demo:

The process of demonstrating a product to a client is called sales Demo. Sales are the main motif of the sales Demo. Product demo means for the existing clients.

There is difference between explainer videos and demo videos and the major difference is how you should teach your customers how to accomplish something with the customer.

You can always go a bit lengthier in the demo video but the viewers should always be kept in mind. The viewers should be walked over and the work should be done successfully. Next action is formatting that is if you are in a process of multiple demo video is to structure the video in the same way. If it is a complex product then multiple videos can be created. So, it is very important to have a cohesive structure to understand the viewer’s expectations.

What is the main motive of these kinds of videos?

Distribution is also an important part of the demo videos. The main motif of it is to educate the existing users or the customers and they should teach how the product should be used. It is very necessary to have it on the website and it can also be given on Youtube. Lots of viewers are on YouTube and short demo videos should be on YouTube so that the viewers get an idea.

So, if you are trying to make a creative and original product demo video you have to look for the professional help that would help in making compelling videos which will clearly demonstrate the product in action.

Why ZoomMantra?

Zoommantra is a leading video production house in Mumbai which has a team of creative and professional directors and photographers who are always dedicated. They are known for the cost-effective service they produce.

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