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Take it to the next level with Portfolio Photography


Photography is an art in itself. And when it deals with the depiction of any product or business advertisements, it includes bigger and better orientation. Just a matching click and choice won’t do. Implementation should be done with expertise.

Why is it important to go for portfolio photography?

Mumbai being the hub of technology and world’s largest brands have their outlets here. Business and advertising can be done in many various ways. Well, how will you use these photographs? You will have to use it such a way that would help you to enhance the beauty and viewing quality of the brand in digital form.

Moreover, portfolio photographs give the viewers a clear idea of what the company deals with and what are the products it provides to the buyers.

Not only why but how many types of photography portfolios are present?

Choosing the apt image and filling the gap of designing and management isn’t the end of photography portfolio. Why portfolios are created and necessary is clear more or less through this extensive discussion. But types of the same should also be carefully studied. The types include:

  1. Product photography- it is rather a broader area that covers any and every type of product promotion through the use of beautiful images.

  2. Creative product- this category includes cosmetics, handicrafts, shoes and other manmade products.

  3. Catalog and print photography- this wide range of so called cataloging includes designer creations of any women or men’s wear. It is not bound within the limits of dresses and shirts but also accessories included with dresses now-a-days. Say for instance scarves and caps, even handbags.​

  4. E commerce photography- the choice of model and the dress put upon them before taking the final shot is important to grab the market by such portfolios, since the category includes a set of customers willing to buy products online.

Why Zoommantra?

Looking for the best portfolio photographer in Mumbai? Zoommantra is the chosen brand for digital marketing of any company, as they have worked with companies like Amazon and Myntra. They have their set of designers who are efficient beyond our knowledge and we get a taste and prove of the same while we visit their websites.

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