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360 Degree Videos and Virtual Tour 

We are Certified Street View Trusted Partner of Google. 

Some Work- Sample

ITC Maratha, a luxury collection, Mumbai

Big Boy Toyz, Mumbai

HomeTown Marine Drive, Mumbai

ITC, Grand Central , Mumbai

Cafe-Hey, Mumbai


Sample Work Premium

Community Spaces

360 Degree Photography

Zoommantra is a production company in Mumbai, and we do 360 product photography in our studio. Doing 360 degree photography requires right lighting setup and professional videographers, so as to produce he right outcome. These videos showcase complete 360 degree view of the product, thus showcasing every angle and side of a product, thus these videos are also called immersive videos or spherical videos.

360 Product Photography

Zoommantra team in Mumbai has 360 product photography specialists who are preofessionals and understand the requirements of 360 degree photography.

The product is kept on a moving plate, which moves in a circular motion, while the camera captures it from all sides. Zoommantra professionals maintain sharp focus on the object when the plate is moving, so that the details of the object are not lost.

360 degree product photography gives an idea about how the product really looks like, and what will they be getting if they go ahead and buy the product. 360 product photography is a way of introducing transparency in they way we see the product, and in turn gaining the confidence and trust of the buyer. 

Here at Zoommantra we have 360-photo software, thus we can shoot as well as edit the 360-degree video here, and directly hand over final product to the client.

There are various advantages of making 360 degree videos:

  • Its shows the products from various angles smoothly.

  • Top, side, 45 degree, and bottom angles are covered to show the product details.

  • It shows the product with  sharpness and focus, thus giving the image more clarity.

There are various challenges in making 360 degree videos:

  • It requires good lighting, shiny objects reflects huge amount of light that should be controlled.

  • Focus on the product needs to be maintained, as the product is continuously moving.

  • These videos need to be shot in a controlled environment.

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