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Fashion Video 

Fashion Videos in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is a leading production house and amongst other things we also make fashion videos in Mumbai. There are very few fashion video makers in Mumbai, thus the demand is way over the supply available, and we at ZoomMantra try to provide the best service possible. There are three types of fashion video:

Ecommerce Fashion Video: Ecommerce fashion videos are those were models wears the fashion clothing or accessories and does a ramp walk in the studio with the white background. Camera follows the model and captures the product from all sides.

Brand Essence Fashion Videos: These brand videos showcase model presenting complete rage of the products for the brand and the video generally uses VFX to create the needed impact. These brand essence fashion videos usually showcase manufacturing process also.

Ramp-walk Fashion Videos: Ramp walk fashion videos are created when designer clothes is worn by model and showcased in a fashion show. Editing of the videos becomes an important factor to create the style and feel for such videos.  

Model Video Shoot in Mumbai

Models are an essential part of a fashion video, they may not be the main attraction, but a good looking and fit model will certainly help the brand sell their products better and will attract more customers. Thus ZoomMantra has tie ups with top model agencies and also provides fashion photography jobs in Mumbai.

There are various advantages of shooting fashion videos:

  • It informs about the customer about the product. Customer can view the video online and get a clear vision about the product.

  • It showcases the product and designs clearly.

  • It builds good and healthy relationship between consumer and the seller.

  • It helps manufactures for presentation of product to the client; it saves their time and energy consumed in showing various products.

There are various challenges that arise when making a fashion videos:

  • It requires a controlled environment, whether you are shooting outdoors or indoors.

  • It requires skills in shooting and editing creative fashion videos, to make them interesting.

  • The clothes should be well focused and designs on the dress should be clearly visible.

  • It requires camera and light placement.

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