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 Video With Story And Demo

Demo Videos in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is an explainer video company in Mumbai, and we make demo videos for various products and services. An explainer video or a demo video requires voice over or music and text to explain the process, but the most important part here is a story. The demo videos are made in an interesting way by adding an element of a story or a scenario to it. Statistically, people are more likely to remember an explainer video with an interesting story to it then a simples information video, as it will have more of an emotional connect.


These videos are made for the purpose of ecommerce and online advertisement of a product or a service.

Explainer Video Company in Mumbai

ZoomMantra being an explainer video or a product demo video production company in Mumbai, and makes videos with the intent of explaining a certain product or a service. At ZoomMantra our team of creative personnel make a plan regarding the approach of the shoot and co ordinate with the cinematography team to come up with a storyboard. Then once the desired shots have been taken, our demo video maker team or our team of editors will put together the visuals, text, voice-overs and music to form an interesting story.

There are various advantages of making an explainer video:

  • It gives a better understanding of the product.

  • It helps the buyer to know about the product specifications.

  • With the detailed demo of how  the works, it makes customers life easy and saves time in understanding the operation of the product.

  • It builds a good buyer and seller relationship.

There are various challenges faced while making an explainer video:

  • The explainer video production requires a good team of creative, as well technically sound people to produce a good explainer video.

  • Shoots are mostly done in an indoor studio space.

  • It also requires a good model, who can perform in front of the camera easily.

  • Lighting is essential part of shooting and shooting should be done in controlled environment.

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