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2D Animation - Explainer Videos

Animation Studios in Mumbai

2D Animation Studios in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is an animation studio with its headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Run Images is an Animation Studio and has HQs in Mumbai, Maharashtra. ZoomMantra is an Animation, Studio Company and has HQs in Mumbai.

ZoomMantra produces unique animated videos related to the business that helps in the tremendous growth of your bright ideas, services, or products. Animation studios are essentially companies or entities which are engaged in making various types of animated videos. With their own talent, an animation studio provides a broad spectrum of services including Explainer videos, 3D animation videos, or websites which would cater to the needs of any business in India that requires the creation of videos. We assist clients with marketing, advertising, and post-production services apart from animation. If you want animation video service then our studio in Mumbai.

We have an expertise of eye-catching commercial ads and animated explainer videos, which is different from other 2D animation studios in Mumbai that offer 2D animation services. ZoomMantra Productions is a leading 2D Animation Studio in Mumbai, India. Companies across the globe have benefitted from our production of 2D animation content.

ZoomMantra is a complete Digital 2D Animation Studio in Andheri, Mumbai, which produces broadcast-quality content for clients across India. ZoomMantra offers full-time, 2D animation and visual effects services, which are driven by artists, with production offices across the Mumbai.

ZoomMantra is one of Mumbai's leading animation and visual effects studios. With its establishment in 2016, the studio has been pioneering animation and visual effects arts & technologies.

The company has delivered award-winning animated content, VFX work, and best videos to country leaders such as PowerMax, KDM, Glamyo Health, Cockatoo, MX, Volup, Big Bazaar, Khushi Builder, BerryPlus, CoinDCX, Alkush, Blazol, Kuku FM, Ishout, Shaze others. Whether a project is TV Commercials, animated videos, explainer videos, corporate videos or any content related to animation, ZoomMantra is committed to producing top-quality for its clients. The team of Production Experts in the Animation studio is dedicated to making ideas come true.

ZoomMantra houses a vibrant creative team that mirrors some of the best talents in the business, injecting passion, energy, and devotion into each project. Today, We are mumbai's largest producer of original animation content. ZoomMantra is one of the leading animation studios in Mumbai, providing high-end 3-D-2D animation and stereo 3-D video conversion. We are a new animation-based content development studio, which is looking to introduce some of the most innovative concepts to childrens TV entertainment space.

ZoomMantra is one of the leading 2D and 3D Animation studios in Mumbai. We here at ZoomMantra understand that making 2D animation videos requires creative and technological skills, and we have animation professionals who specialize in doing just that.


Our animation makers create 2-dimensional artistic spaces, a complex and time-consuming process. The main focus for an animation movie maker is on creating characters and storyboards in a 2D environment. 2D animation uses bitmap and vector graphics, which are created using computers and animation software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and Encore. These animations, made at the animation studio here at ZoomMantra, are used in advertisements, films, television shows, computer games, or websites. 

There are many excellent animation studios in Mumbai. A few of the top companies include ZoomMantra Production, Toonz Animation India, Tata Elxsi Visual Computing Labs, Prasad EFX, Maya Entertainment, Pentamedia Graphics, and Jyoti Animation. Each of these studios offers a variety of services, such as motion graphics and 3D animation. I sincerely hope that the information provided here helps you find the right studio.

2D animation

As tedious as creating 2D animation can be, they largely involve four steps. 

  • Storyboard- The script for the 2D animation is written out and the animation maker sketches the rough drawings of the scenes out. The script of the compute animation is timed to each drawing, and they form a complete scene. The complete storyboard looks very similar to comics.

  • Audio- Next step is recording the dialogues. Various voice artists whose voice would suit the animation characters do the dialogues recording.

  • Animatic- The animators draw out each character in different poses and angles and make changes to the character. The end result is the final character design that is used in the animation. 

  • Layout- The artist will then draw the characters in every necessary pose. These drawings are then combined with the storyboards and audio to create a second Animatic.

Making a 2D animation video has various advantages:

  • It saves time and money and also saves the production cost.

  • It has basic controls, which makes it easy in handling without any tutorials.

There are some disadvantages of 2D animation:

  • 2D animation can sometimes come across as boring.

  • With the introduction of 3D animation demands for 2D animation has decreased.

How to find the best animation studios in Mumbai?

Finding the best animation studios in Mumbai can be a tricky task. However, there are a few steps you can take to find the right studio for your project.

  1. You should read customer reviews and investigate the different animation studios in Mumbai. By doing so, you'll be able to evaluate the quality of the work they produce.

  2. Make sure the studio has experience with the type of animation you need for your project.

  3. Get in touch with the studios and ask about their services and prices. I hope this helps you in your search for the best animation studio to work with on your project.

Important qualities look for in an animation studios in Mumbai

The ability to complete the project on time and within budget, customer service and communication skills, and the capacity to contribute unique and creative ideas are all important qualities to look for in an animation studio in Mumbai. Experience and a portfolio of prior animation projects are also important qualities to look for. Additionally, it's important to make sure the studio fully understands your concepts and project goals and that they are eager to work with you to achieve the best results.

Working style in animation studios in Mumbai

The animation studios in Mumbai are renowned for their highly innovative and collaborative working styles. Teams frequently work together to develop concepts, design storyboards and create animation assets. Everyone's viewpoint is respected, and candid discussions to develop better solutions are frequent. The departments collaborate closely and value each other's contributions. Because the environment is so frequently inspiring and supportive, creative professionals can thrive there.

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