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Ad Film

Ad filmmakers in Mumbai

Ad filmmakers in Mumbai

ZoomMantra, as ad filmmakers in Mumbai have a complete department of a creative team and a team that executes those plans. The role of the creative department is very critical in the business of ad film making as they take the brief and understand the requirements of the client. 

As ad filmmakers in Mumbai, the ZoomMantra creative department consists of scriptwriters, directors, copywriters, lyricists, musicians, actors etc. The line producer brings all of them under one roof with the execution team. The execution team consists of the DOP- director of photography, assistant directors, makeup, spot boys, light team, etc. 

Finally once the shoot is done, the lead of the creative team and the director will sit with the post production team to execute the ad as per the story board agreed upon earlier.

The storyboard acts as guiding force to produce the best output. We at ZoomMantra have an in-house creative team and an execution team; and both have wide experience in the business of ad filmmaking. We also have state of the art equipments required to produce best quality results.​

ZoomMantra team has clients like Reliance, Bombay Dyeing, Chroma, Frozen bottles, Cream Stones, Grandmamma café. 

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