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Kids And Toys Video

Funny videos for kids

ZoomMantra is a film production house in Mumbai, and amongst other things that we do, we also make funny videos for kids. These funny videos for kids are made to showcase certain products that are meant for children. 


ZoomMantra videographers and photographers are highly skilled as well as compassionate; they will play with kids and make them feel comfortable at the shoot and to get the best results out of them. Kids can be difficult to shoot with, thus to make a successful funny video for kids, it requires good coordination with kids and skills to capture their best moments.


Various funny videos for kids are made for online platforms, such as Amazon, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Animal videos

Kids tend to be really fond of soft toys and animals, thus a lof of times ZoomMantra team makes animal videos to showcase soft toys. Details of the toys are shown from various angles and under various lighting. The working and the aesthetic of the toys are also captured through these animal videos.


To shoot these videos requires a controlled environment and ZoomMantra has an indoor studio with modern and state-of-the-art lighting equipment’s.

There are various advantages of making funny videos for kids:


  • It helps the seller in showcasing the product for online selling.

  • It gives clarity of the product and its usage

  • It builds a healthy relationship between the buyer and the seller of the product.

There are various challenges challenges that come in when we are making funny videos for kids:


  • It requires skills to capture kids and toys.

  • It requires the shoot to be done in a controlled environment with good lighting and camera setups.

  • It requires perfect planning for the shoot.

  • Kids should be directed in such a manner that the desired shots can be taken.

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