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Food Recipes Video

Cooking Videos in Mumbai

We here at ZoomMantra make cooking videos for YouTube and other online platforms.  Shooting cooking videos requires a well-planned set up of a kitchen and ingredients, which we have here at our ZoomMantra studio. 


In addition to getting across how the delicacies are made, people also watch the videos for the amazing cinematography that will make the food look tempting, and good enough to eat. ZoomMantra makes sure that the cooking videos made by us, are not only informative for people learning to how to cook, but also entertaining for the ones who just want to just see some pretty food videos.

Food Recipes Videos in Mumbai

Watching food videos, makes learning food recipes cost friendly, and you don’t have to put too much effort into going out and taking classes from someone. 


ZoomMantra plans these food recipe videos in 3 stages:First of all script is prepared, recipe is written and then desired shots are planned. . After the desired shots are taken, the footage is dumped into computer for editing. During the editing process, ZoomMantra professional place the shots and music to give the desired effect and to make the video look more presentable.

There are various advantages of making and watching food recipe videos:


  • It helps the viewer in learning different dishes easily, just through an Internet connection.

  • It requires less efforts and absolutely no money.

  • The shoots are done in the indoor studio setup, thus they are economically viable.

There are various challenges in making recipe videos:


  • It requires kitchen appliances for making recipe videos.

  • It requires controlled environment for shooting home recipe videos, thus extra hands for setting up the whole space.

  • It requires good lighting conditions for better quality and clarity of videos.

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