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Mixed Category Videos

YouTube Videos

ZoomMantra is a film production company in Mumbai, and we make various kinds of videos, of diverse formats. These videos include; videos with voice and text, videos with music and text, videos with story and demo, 2D animation videos, web series videos, campaign videos, 360 degree videos etc. 

The above videos can generally be categorized as YouTube videos, as they are made with the intention of generating sales online and attracting customers. YouTube videos have to be catchy and to the point, as once they are online if the viewer gets bored while watching the videos, they will just move on to watching something else. Thus the YouTube video movie makers here at ZoomMantra has come up with various ways to make the videos interesting. 


These videos can also be called Facebook videos or Fb videos, when they are made with the intention of uploading them on Facebook.

YouTube Funny Videos

The creative team of ZoomMantra, researched and found out that YouTube funny videos tend to hold the attention of the viewer for longer and are the most popular. We aim at creating our videos in such a way that they have an emotional connect with the viewer, and the content and message of the video will stay with the long after they have seen it.YouTube funny videos are much more memorable than a serious and plain informative YouTube video would be.


ZoomMantra has an in-house studio space for shoots and state of the art equipment and light set up. We have a talented team of YouTube video movie makers, who excel at making all kinds of videos.

There are various advantages of making various mix of YouTube videos:


  • It helps manufacture or the seller to showcase the product details.

  • It provides information to the viewer about the product and its features.

  • It helps in building health relationship between buyer and the seller.

  • It helps in showcasing the product on various online platforms.

There are various challenges that are faced in making such YouTube videos:


  • It requires controlled environment for making such videos.

  • It requires good lighting setup and camera setup.

  • It requires creative and skillful team members.

  • The product should be clear and well in focus.

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