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Short Film Production Company in Mumbai

Short Film Makers in Mumbai

ZoomMantra has a team of talented short film makers in Mumbai, and we have now introduced a new YouTube channel for short films and videos. The short films made by the ZoomMantra team have been featured and praised in various film festivals around the country.

We are a generation that has grown up watching feature films, which would wary in length from two hours to three and a half hours, thus you might wonder what would classify as a short film? A short film can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 55 minutes.

Short Film Production Company in Mumbai

ZoomMantra as a short film production company in Mumbai encourages the making of the short films because by this medium one can tell a story or send a message in a very short duration of time. In today’s fast moving and changing world, no one has the time to watch a long feature length film, and we prefer videos which are short and to the point. 

Being a short film production company in Mumbai also entails that we understand how the short film market works. Short films are mostly seen by a younger crowd of people in there 20s to 30s, and is also made by a younger generation of filmmakers who are trying to make their mark in the industry. Making a short film is also budget friendly for a struggling filmmaker, because of the short length and scale of the film.

Because of relatively less budget's, we can now touch upon subjects that were relatively unexplored before because of their economic viability. At ZoomMantra, we as a short film production company in Mumbai, aim at producing content which is unusual and relevant at the same time. 

Where can we find short films?

Internet today has made us all globally connected, and that has given us the exposure to display our work on an international level. Right now YouTube is the best platform to watch or upload your short film, and ZoomMantra has a youtube channel just for this purpose. ZoomMantra as a company of short film makers in Mumbai, knows how to produce films of the quality and taste that will be of a global appeal and an instant hit on any platform.