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Home Appliances

Startup Demo Videos in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is a video production company in Mumbai, and we also make start up demo videos for various products and home appliance. Home appliances such as air conditioners, mixer, blender, ovens etc. are covered under home appliances startup demo videos. 


These start up demo videos are made with the intention of showcasing the product and its functions. ZoomMantra team has made sample demo videos for all kinds of kitchen and home appliances. A good startup demo video will also help the manufacturer develop a healthy relationship with the customer, because a startup demo video entails transparency. 

Product Demo Animation in Mumbai

Sometimes making product startup demo videos also require product demo animation, as the inside workings of the products can only be explained through those product demo animation videos.


Product demo animation videos are generally made in 2D animation, as they are more budget friendly. But if the inner workings of the products are complex, or you want your product start up video to stand out amongst others then ZoomMantra team suggests that you should go for 3D animation. Here at ZoomMantra we have professional animators who excel at both 2D and 3D animation.

There are various advantages of making product startup demo videos:


  • It gives information about the product to the consumer.

  • It helps manufactures to provide information. The demo videos are uploaded on various digital sites.

  • It helps in increasing sales of the product.

  • It saves time of the consumer in learning the products working module.

There are various challenges that occur while making product startup demo videos:


  • It should focus on the products feature and information about the product.

  • It requires creative skills to make such videos.

  • It is done under the controlled environment and thus requires good lighting camera and sound setup for optimum level of video.

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