Post Production Studio in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is a post production studio in Mumbai, and we aim at delivering the best product or film in the agreed budget frame. We make the film as commercially viable as possible, so that venture is profitable for both the client and us.

The ZoomMantra team, as a post production studio in Mumbai tries to make the content of the film relevant and socially conscious. While we try to keep our budget in check, we also try to add a high production value to our film. This can be done with using state of art equipments and shooting in a pristine location, and also by adding known faces and a star cast to our films.

How to post a video on facebook

The ZoomMantra team, as part of a post production studio is equipped to handle any genre of film, of whichever duration, but we generally get to make ad films and short films. While mostly focusing on video post production, we also make photography posters. 

Making a short film comes with its own perks and challenges; on one hand it cuts down on the production cost overall because of the duration, on the other hand we need to get an idea or a message across in a very short duration of time. And we mostly make these short videos to post them on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or make an Amazon video post

As a post production company in Mumbai, we are also familiar with the sudden trend of short videos coming into the limelight and we also how to post and promote those videos on facebook and other online platforms. ZoomMantra team of filmmakers consists of young film graduates who are familiar with such fast changing trends, and hope to not only be followers but path blazers leading the change.

We aspire to be one of the best production companies in Mumbai, thus we understand how to post a video on facebook and make it gather the attention the film deserves. ZoomMantra team aims to make these films light on the audience, in addition to them being socially relevant. We add humor to the films to make the audience connect more to funny videos and thus the film will hopefully have a deeper impact on them.