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Explainer Video With Music & Model 


Explainer Video Company in Mumbai

Explainer Video Makers in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is a film production company in Mumbai, and we make explainer videos for various products and services. An explainer video ideally requires voice-over and text to explain the process, but at times we also use music instead of voice-overs. The music tends to give a more soothing and poetic feel to the whole video. Generally in an explainer video, a model is shown depicting the workings of the product. If you want to make an explainer video for your company then we are available in Mumbai. We are famous as an explainer video company in Mumbai.


These videos are made for the purpose of e-commerce and online advertisement of a product or a service.

If you're looking for an explainer video production company in Mumbai, we wholeheartedly recommend Video Gurus. They specialise in creating fantastic explainer videos that help you reach your target audience. Because of the vast experience and inventiveness of their team, your video will be compelling and interesting. They also offer specialised services to businesses of all sizes. Visit them right away to find out how they can help you create an excellent explainer video that will aid in the growth of your business.

Explainer Video Production Company in Mumbai

ZoomMantra is an explainer video company in Mumbai that makes videos with the intent of explaining a certain product or a service. At ZoomMantra our team of creative personnel make a plan regarding the approach of the shoot and coordinate with the cinematography team to come up with a storyboard. Then once the desired shots have been taken, our explainer video maker team or our team of editors will put together the visuals, text and music to make the final service or product video. There are a lot of companies that are searching for the best explainer video production house in Mumbai. But the search is over now because we provide the best service that you need for your company.

There are various advantages of making an explainer video:

  • It gives a better understanding of the product.

  • It helps the buyer to know about the product specifications.

  • With the detailed demo of how the product works, it makes customers life easy and saves time in understanding the operation of the product.

  • It builds a good buyer and seller relationship.

There are various challenges faced while making an explainer video:

  • The explainer video production requires a good team of creative, as well technically sound people to produce a good explainer video.

  • Shoots are mostly done in an indoor studio space.

  • It also requires a good model, who can perform in front of the camera easily.

  • Lighting is essential part of shooting and shooting should be done in controlled environment.

Explainer Video Production Houses in Mumbai

Would you like to collaborate with us if you work for a company that rents out video equipment, are a videographer, cameraman, set designer, actor, scriptwriter, or post-production specialist, or are in any other related field? We can use your expertise, pay you, and give you work through our other channels. For your career, 4K HD! The widespread use of 3D graphics today has greatly piqued consumer interest. Every company creates an explainer video for its product these days. Companies work with the best explainer video production company in Mumbai.ZoomMantra has become a significant career choice for the younger generation thanks to its virtual reality aura. Three-dimensional animation has many different subcategories, such as Stop Motion, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), Claymation, and Motion Capture Animation. Different objects, computer-generated puppets, special effects, and backgrounds are used to create the computer graphics.One of the most well-known and frequently used explainer video companies in Mumbai is brilliant to work, a renowned programme used by most studios to create character designs for video games. Autodesk Motion Builder, a motion capture data editor tool designed specifically for character creation, is the best three-dimensional animation tool. ZoomMantra Blender 3D is well-liked best video production for an explainer video and 3d animation, and ZoomMantra Productions a new 3d computer graphics program has advanced tools for movies, television, and photography. The process is typically started by a character or object Explainer video company in Mumbai. This suggests that an explainer video's virtual object or character was designed and developed using shapes and a variety of tools that produce mesh and offer a wide range of textures.ZoomMantra can be able to create a real-life sense.

Information About Explainer Videos

  • Brief documentaries called explainer videos are created to inform viewers about topics they are curious to learn more about. Still, images and voiceovers are frequently used in explainer videos to visually explain a concept. Explainer videos are frequently used to promote a range of subjects, such as campaigns, advertising, and theoretical ideas. For the speaker to explain a problem in a real-world setting, the majority of them are filmed on location. Explainer videos are useful for a variety of purposes and have recently gained popularity.

  • Informal educational films called explainer videos to provide a general audience with an overview of a particular topic. These videos are typically made by people who are eager to learn more about a particular topic and then impart that knowledge to others. Explainer videos are essentially interactive educational films that promote visual learning. These videos can be used to educate viewers on a variety of topics, but they are especially helpful for introducing them to cutting-edge concepts in the field of information technology. Explainer videos can be used to inform the public about a range of issues, such as pollution, climate change, food safety, vehicle safety, and other issues. Explainer videos can also be used to inform the general public about problems that affect specific demographics, such as children or the elderly.

  • Text, voiceover, and still images are commonly used in explainer videos, which can last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. The presenter shares what they have learned while explaining the topic in front of the camera. With no prior knowledge of the subject required, anyone with a passion for a subject can now access educational materials. Every explainer video is unique depending on the subject matter, the location, and other elements used in the production. For instance, to film a video explaining London's transportation system, streets, buildings, landmarks, and more would be required. Explainer videos can be made using any kind of hardware or software for audio or video editing, such as Adobe Captivate or Adobe After Effects.

  • Off-camera voiceovers can enhance a video presentation's clarity and emphasis while also setting the tone. The presenter captivates his audience with his body language while discussing his subject. Using still images, text, and voice-over narration, the speaker will clarify his point while including all necessary details. In this way, an explainer video is like a lecture where the professor explains a concept with his own words and actions. However, a teacher typically has a finite amount of time to impart a lesson, whereas an explainer can do so in a matter of minutes with brief footage that speaks for itself.

  • Recent years have seen an exponential rise in the rate of innovation in new technologies, including computer software, social media platforms, and smartphones, creating a wealth of new opportunities for global communication. The explainer video is one of many innovative tools used to successfully inform people about new developments or market already-existing products to niche audiences with specific interests. Explainer videos are inexpensive and simple to produce, so anyone can use them successfully in their own projects, from businesses to independent filmmakers, increasing the number of channels through which information is accessible.

5 Reasons You Need to Create an Explainer Video for Your Business

An explainer video is a type of video that explains your product, service, or company. This type of video is most often used to promote your website, but can also be used as a general marketing tool. Creating an explainer video is relatively easy, and you don't need a lot of technical knowledge to know how to make one! Check out this blog post to learn more about why you should create an explainer video for your business, and the different types of explainer videos you can create.

1. What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video that provides a short overview of a product or service. The video introduces the product or service and briefly explains what it does. The video uses animation, voiceovers, and text to convey the information. Explainer videos are often used to help people understand a new product or service that they are trying. An explainer video can also be used to provide a short introduction to a product or service.

2. How to create an explainer video

With the rise in popularity of explainer videos, you need to make a video for your business. This video will help to attract customers and get them to take action. Here are five reasons why you need to create an explainer video for your business.

1. Explainer videos are easier to watch than a webpage.

2. Explainer videos are more efficient in terms of time.

3. Explainer videos are cheaper to create than a webpage.

4. Explainer videos are more engaging.

5. Explainer videos can be more effective in terms of converting customers.

3. Types of explainer videos

There are several different types of explainer videos. Here are the top five types of explainer videos, along with their pros and cons. 1. Explainer video for your business 

2. Explainer video for your product 

3. Explainer video for your services 

4. Explainer video for your organization 

5. Explainer video for your company


Explainer video for your business Pros: - 

The video explains your business in a way that is easy for the viewer to understand.

The video can be used as a marketing tool to increase your business.

The video can be used as a sales tool to increase your sales. 

The video can be used as a way to reach out to new customers.

The video can be used as a way to increase the trust of your customers.

The video can be used as a way to provide information to your customers.

The video can be used as a way to provide information to your employees.

The video can be used as a way to provide information to your vendors.

The video can be used as a way to provide information to your

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