2D Animation Services

As an animation video maker, the Zoommantra team understands how to make animated videos which will be endearing and appeal to the target audience. 2D animation is what we are all familiar with, as all the favorite cartoons that we have grown up seeing were most likely done in 2D animation video style. 

2D animation by definition means creating storyboard, backgrounds, as well as characters in a 2D space, on a screen. So while the characters can move sideways, as well as up and down, they will not be able to move forwards or backwards on the screen. This problem was later countered when 3D Animation videos and software’s came into being. 

At Zoommantra, we generally use 2D Animation in simple animated explainer videos or ad films, as simple animation can take your video up a notch and at the same can be financially reasonable and pocket friendly. 

3D Animation studio

At Zoommantra, in addition to providing 2D animation services, we are also a 3D animation studio. While 2D animation is good for simple videos with the purpose of explaining something or for children entertainment, if we want something even remotely realistic we need to shift to 3D animation videos. 

We are familiar with the animation done by the Hollywood films, but recently even the animation industry in India is picking up. These animated films are highly detailed and as a result a lot more realistic. At Zoommantra, our team uses semi 3D, as well as 3D computer animation software’s to make your Indian animation video stand out in the market.

Video Animation Online

Our team of Digital Marketers understands what will work on the online platform, which is necessary as we live in a digital world. With the video animation done online, will make your 3D character animation video reach out to a much wider audience and as a result, generate more sales and demand. 

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